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December 19 2015


Star Wars: The Premake from John D'Amico on Vimeo.

This is Star Wars: A New Hope recreated shot-for-shot using only footage from media made before 1977.

“We dwell with satisfaction upon the poet’s difference from his predecessors, especially his immediate predecessors; we endeavour to find something that can be isolated in order to be enjoyed. Whereas if we approach a poet without this prejudice we shall often find that not only the best, but the most individual parts of his work may be those in which the dead poets, his ancestors, assert their immortality most vigorously. And I do not mean the impressionable period of adolescence, but the period of full maturity.” - T. S. Eliot

November 22 2015


SUPERMAN III - From Horrible to Horror from One Perfect Shot on Vimeo.

The superhero film that launched a million nightmares gets the horror trailer it deserves. Nightmares? Superman? Apparently you haven’t witnessed the terrifying transformation of Vera into a murderous cyborg. Let us introduce you. Sweet dreams.

Visit oneperfectshotdb.com for more.


The Watch That Was A Rocket from Werenbach on Vimeo.

Werenbach creates watches that tell stories. And this one is about space and the steppe of Kazakhstan.
All infos: werenbach.ch/

Footage of rockets and metal collectors taken with friendly permission from Christian Freis documentary “Space Tourists”
Created by filme-von-draussen.ch
Soundtrack by Audiosocket.com

November 09 2015


October 25 2015


At First Sight from Nucco Brain on Vimeo.

Brian, your typical 21st century hipster, is struggling with a common mobile addiction. Absorbed by the modern day technology, he finds himself incapable of enjoying the beautiful world that surrounds him. Brian’s multiple encounters with reality are disrupted by his phone, luring him back to the virtual world. However, his journey to work takes an unexpected turn as his smartphone uncontrollably rebels.

Director: Pedro Allevato
Producer/Animation Supervisor: Stefano Marrone
Project Manager: Sally Guelfi
Storyboarding: Vincenzo Lamolinara
Concept Artist/Modeller: Andrea Realli
Visual Designer: Thomas Gutteridge
Lead Modeller/Texture: Pietro Licini
Rigger/TD : Matteo Dogliotti
Layout Artist and Lighting : Roberto Libralato
Effects: Ludivine Berthouloux
Compositing: Pedro Allevato
Lead Animator: Pedro Allevato
Animator: Leon Dexter
Sound Designer: Luis Antonio Rodrigues

Visual development and Making of At First Sight:

October 23 2015


Breaking Bad // Pulp Fiction from Jorge Luengo Ruiz on Vimeo.

Visual Parallels between Breaking Bad and Pulp Fiction.

The influence of Quentin Tarantino in Vince Gilligan.

October 16 2015


The Red Drum Getaway from Gump on Vimeo.

A Hitchcock mashup where Kubrick is the villain.
“Jimmy was having a rather beautiful day until he bumped into Jack and things got weird.”
Directed by: Adrien Dezalay, Emmanuel Delabaere, Simon Philippe.

Gump website: gump.tv
Gump blog: gumptv.tumblr.com
Gump on Facebook: facebook.com/gumpstudio


Quentin Tarantino - Push Ins from whoispablo on Vimeo.

Music: Ennio Morricone - Chi Mai

October 15 2015


Was Actionfilme falsch machen - und Mad Max so viel besser from Behaind on Vimeo.

Mehr gibt es auf meinem Kanal: youtube.com/user/BeHaind

Inspirationen/Quellen/auch noch sehenswert
youtube.com/watch?v=H_19rSdEWao (Why Do Action Scenes Suck?)
vimeo.com/129314425 (Centerframing in Mad Max)
youtube.com/watch?v=Z1PCtIaM_GQ (Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy)

October 07 2015


Manhattan Beach, California (from above) - 4K from Scott McFarlane (smFilms) on Vimeo.

Now that summer is over, enjoy this little tribute to those warm beach days.

Over the past few months, I have been busy capturing aerial footage around Manhattan Beach - one of the most idyllic Southern California beach towns, located south of Los Angeles. This place makes flying easy as everything is so picturesque. Nicknamed the “Pearl of the South Bay” due to its beauty and desirability, Manhattan Beach was named by The Travel Channel as the 9th sexiest beach on Earth and CNN Money placed it #1 on the “Best Places For the Rich and Single” list.

Music: A compilation of classical tracks composed by Stauss and inspired by Kubrick. The pier has always looked a bit otherworldly to me from above so thought this music fits nicely.

100% shot with the DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone

4K / 24 fps for most shots, a few others are 1080/24fps
LOG Color format
Style: Custom (-1, -3, -1)
Edited with Adobe Premiere CC
Graded with Premiere and FilmConvert

Special thanks to all the “actors” who helped out: Lindsey, Stefan, Amy, John, Ryan, Harry, and the countless others who appear way down below on the high shots.

For more photos and videos:

For booking inquires or licensing please shoot me an email at info@sm-films.com

October 06 2015


THE NORWAY - The north way from Davide Morando on Vimeo.

9 days, over than 3000 Km, 4 flights, 3 guys, 1 tent. We crossed the south of the Norway to try to describe its beauty. Enjoy the Norway experience!

Directed and edited by Davide Morando facebook.com/davide.morando.71
Song by Daughter - “YOUTH” soundcloud.com/glassnotemusic/daughter-youth
Voice of Marco Sorgon
Shotted on Sony NEX VG-30

Special thank’s to Matteo Tarditi and Matteo Alchieri.

September 29 2015


Park 101 from BREADTRUCK FILMS on Vimeo.

A visionary proposal to a park over the 101 freeway in Downtown Los Angeles. park101.org/

September 19 2015

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we’re doomed

September 08 2015


August 16 2015


How to get your lazy ass into ComicCon San Diego in 4 easy steps

First question you should ask yourself: Do I really want to spent a week of my summer vacation on an event that will be massivly crowded? SDCC is perfectly placed right at the time everyone is going on vacation, so flights, cars adn hotels are guaranteed to be in shoirt supply anyway. If you decide to go anyway, there’s a handy guide at Vox.com. 1. What to expect, when expecting to go to ComicCon…

View On WordPress

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Al Boardman

A small sampling of the type of work you will find in Al Boardman’s tumblr, these ones in specific prepared for Chandelier Creative / NYT. He specialises in producing animated GIFs, motion graphics videos and micro-content for social media channels.

Check out this tumblr!

How to visualize countries


Los Angeles from Ian Wood on Vimeo.

This is the city-wide follow up to my aerial exploration of downtown Los Angeles from last year (vimeo.com/101231747). And much like with downtown, I continue to be awe struck by how much of this vast city I have partially or completely overlooked before undertaking this video. And like most voyages of discovery, I’ve realize there’s so much more to find.

Packing it all into one short-form video has been nigh impossible and much didn’t make it for safety, privacy or simply because I couldn’t make it 30 minutes long! Notably missing are: LAX Theme Building, both Gettys, some Lautner homes, numerous beautiful buildings, the Gabba gallery, many murals that vanished before I got to them, and much of downtown featured in last year’s video.

A map of the locations is here: goo.gl/f4fq3U

The music is BLu ACiD’s electro-blues adaptation of “If You Ain’t Never Had The Blues” by Boo Boo Davis and is used with permission. I felt it fitting to a city of eclectic styles and influences, equal parts refined and rough edges. The version used here is my own extended edit. Download the original song here: itunes.apple.com/us/album/if-you-aint-never-had-the-blues/id1006196698?i=1006197030

Droning For Good
With all the controversy about drones, it’s important to remember that they can be (and often are) used responsibly. As with many emerging technologies, the laws struggle to keep up and we must employ a common sense approach to their use that is respectful to community, safety and the law.

My Drone Protocol
- Avoid busy periods, rush hours, special events, etc.
- Avoid sensitive areas or anything that can be misconstrued without prior permission.
- Avoid crowds. Small groups only from the periphery with ground spotters and two-way radios.
- No flights near airports, TFR areas and restricted airspace (FAA class B, C, D).
- Be prepared for local air traffic below 400ft including awareness of helipad locations.
- Operate at or below roof lines to assure separation from air traffic.
- Avoid “loitering" next to residential homes and apts.
- Respect residential areas for quiet and right to privacy.
- Eliminate any material that inadvertently reveals someone in a place of privacy.

For queries regarding my aerial filming, please contact me by email, aerial@ianwood.com.

August 10 2015


The Timmy Brothers – Water Makers from Paul Riccio on Vimeo.

A short look at the Timmy Brothers, Brooklyn–based makers of bespoke drinking water.

Bill and Terry Timmy are introducing handcrafted water to the world with an almost pathological attention to craftsmanship and a thirst for helping people become less thirsty.
The Timmy Brothers. They make water.

Paul Riccio – Writer/Director
Jamie Effros – Terry Timmy
Mike Mergo – Bill Timmy
Matt O'Shea & Laura Wood – Producers
Derek McKane – Director of Photography
Jason Kileen – Editor
Molly Finley – Art Director
Alexander Chizhov – Flame Artist
Lucas Hrabal – Camera Operator
Mat Guido – Audio Mixer
Joseph Wenkoff – Colorist
Mike Vernola – AD
Courtney Stephens – PA

August 07 2015


Jon encourages viewers to take vigilant action against any deception they may encounter.

August 06 2015

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